10 Informative Blogs & Podcasts for Healthcare IT Professionals

    October 2020 | Mike Murphy, Director of Business and Industry Analytics

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    Blogs & Podcasts for Healthcare IT Professionals


    By now, we hope you are familiar with Forward Advantage’s Industry News blog and newsletter. As a complement to these resources, our team has gone through industry-leading resources to identify the most valuable health IT blogs and podcasts for our customers. Lists for each are included below, along with pertinent links and content descriptions. Navigating current industry dynamics is challenging and we want to provide some useful resources to assist.

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    Top Health IT Blogs


    1. Healthcare IT News - Since 2003, Healthcare IT News has provided individuals with editorial insights on topics like health information exchange, data analytics, and patient engagement. This authoritative source covers the individuals, policies and technologies seen throughout healthcare in the U.S. and around the world. 

    Purpose: Inform and help decision makers within the ever-changing healthcare landscape

    Top 3 Posts

    Building A Solid Technology Foundation Enables Transformation

    Interoperability for Improved Care Coordination Amid COVID-19

    Beyond Telehealth: The Virtual Trends That Will Transform Healthcare


    2. Health IT Connect - Sue Schade uses her 30+ years in healthcare IT management to share her opinions and perspectives on various healthcare IT topics. She’s also had the privilege of serving as CIO for many large healthcare systems and does her part to make sure others understand the possible challenges within leadership.

    Purpose: Inform and educate the younger generation of IT leaders

    Top 3 Posts

    Inspiring and Developing New Leaders - Learning from the Best

    9 Tips for Go Live Support Success

    IT Requests Increase While Budgets Decrease


    3. Health IT Buzz - The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for health information technology provides a unique perspective on health IT and encourages reader engagement. ONC covers multiple health IT categories and believes that its platform can help drive intriguing thoughts and advice.

    Purpose: Foster meaningful and constructive discussion amongst the health IT community

    Top 3 Posts

    Leveraging Standardized Clinical Data to Advance Discovery

    Application Programming Interfaces in Health IT 

    Accelerating Precision in Public Health Surveillance and Response


    4. HITRUST Blog - This blog offers insightful information into key areas that fall within the health IT industry. Healthcare executives help to discuss and share important topics like compliance and risk management, security, and more.

    Purpose: Inform others on important health IT news

    Top 3 Posts

    Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 on CSF Assessment Procedures

    It's More of a Guideline than a Rule...

    The Pandemic Accelerated Transformative Change in Third-Party Risk Management


    5. Personal Connected Health Alliance Blog - Personal Connected Health Alliance was created by a nonprofit group formed by HIMSS which promotes digital health and regulatory developments within the health IT field. They cover technology topics with a personal spin to help provide an informational experience for their readers.  

    Purpose: Help bring together the global personal connected health community for education and discussion

    Top 3 Posts

    Connected Home Healthcare for Aging: Delivery and Access Opportunities

    Patient Advocacy for People of Color and Addressing Health Equity

    5 Ways to Improve Patient Intake


    6. Chilmark Research Blog - Focused on the healthcare IT solutions market, Chilmark Research has spent over a decade as a global research and advisory firm. This source ensures high-quality research that of which focuses on improving the quality and the efficiency of care.

    Purpose: Provide helpful insights regarding critical technology and adoption trends for decision makers

    Top 3 Posts

    Interoperability: Take a Break from Worrying About COVID-19. We Have New Rules!

    Teladoc: The Virtual Care Platform the Market Has Been Waiting For

    Health Catalyst's HAS Goes Virtual


    Top Health IT Podcasts


    1. Healthcare IT Today Podcast - Colin Hung and John Lynn spend a lot of time on the road attending conferences, meetups, and events where they get to talk to thousands of healthcare IT professionals every year. This gives them a unique perspective on the healthcare IT industry that they share in their podcast.

    Their Mission: Share practical healthcare innovations as broadly as possible

    Top Episodes

    Episode 39: Retro Tech Cool

    Episode 44: COVID-19 + Return to Work

    Episode 47: Which EHR Phase Are We In?


    2. HIT Like a Girl - Hosted by Joy Rios and Robin Roberts, HIT Like a Girl is about women and their contributions, involvement, and success within the health IT industry. This podcast aims to bring women in the health IT industry together to create meaningful change in the industry.

    Their Mission: To amplify women who are making contributions to healthcare, technology, or the intersection of health IT, so they can bring even more value to the world

    Top Episodes

    Episode 60: Dr. Geeta Nayar

    Episode 69: Dr. Leslie Meserve

    Episode 73: Dr. Adaira Landry


    3. Healthcare Tech Talk - Terry Baker and Kelley Hill, who spend their days in the healthcare environment, sit down on both sides of the table of healthcare technology. Together with guests they discuss relevant and timely subjects in healthcare technology - from the latest developments in electronic health records, to wireless enabled infusion pumps, to health information exchanges and all matters in between.

    Their Mission: Discuss the common issues around each technology used in the delivery of healthcare, including Healthcare Information Technology, Informatics, Telemedicine, and Clinical/Biomedical Engineering Technology

    Top Episodes

    Episode 48: Meeting the Needs of Population Health with Health IT

    Episode 58: Ransomware Hits Multiple Healthcare Organizations, are you Prepared?

    Episode 61: Interoperability, the Key to Precision Medicine?


    4. The Healthcare Policy Podcast - While other healthcare policy website programming exists, these typically present vested interest viewpoints or do not combine informed policy analysis with political insight or acumen. Since healthcare policy issues are typically complex, clear, reasoned, dispassionate discussion is required. Producer, David Introcaso, aims to fill the void and provide a space for audio interviews with healthcare policy experts on timely topics.

    Their Mission: To provide an online public forum routinely presenting expert healthcare policy analysis and comment

    Top Episodes

    Dr. David Mayer Discusses Patient Safety During the Time of COVID-19

    Dr. Charles Binkley Discusses Medical Ethics in the Time of COVID-19

    Mary Paier Power Discusses What Family Caregivers Should Consider During the Pandemic When a Relative Is Resident in Long Term Care Facility 




    Health IT is a rapidly changing industry, and it’s up to healthcare’s industry leaders to keep up. Staying informed on current issues, trends and IT advancements keeps the momentum going for important changes in healthcare. It’s these changes that ultimately lead to healthcare’s primary goal of better, safer and more accessible patient care. Forward Advantage’s team regularly participates in customer discussions, leadership forums, and online research. We are happy to share our findings and hope you consider sharing your own!

    Do you have any key resources or health IT topics worth sharing with our community? If so, drop us a comment below! We’d love to hear about it!


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