Advanced Biometrics Improve Patient Safety & Workflow

    September 2019 | Audrey Brislin, AVP of Marketing

    Customer Success Stories, Identity & Access Management

    Palm-vein scanning with Imprivata PatientSecure helps Marion General efficiently and accurately identify patients.

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    Staff at Marion General Hospital (Marion, IN) efficiently and accurately identify patients with advanced biometrics. The hospital uses palm-vein scanning with Imprivata PatientSecure in nearly all outpatient areas and has plans to implement the solution in the Emergency Department.  


    Common Issues for Many Hospitals

    We’ve been working with Marion General for over 15 years on various initiatives, starting with report distribution and faxing, a solution we still provide for them to this day. Read more about their recent upgrade to our newest version of Communication Director.

    When Marion General turned to Forward Advantage to address issues that many hospitals struggle with: identity theft, duplicate records, and compromised patient safety, we worked to implement a solution to meet their needs. Imprivata PatientSecure, sold and Implemented by Forward Advantage, has been well received by Marion General’s staff and patients, because it provides an enhanced level of privacy for patients and provides clinicians with the confidence that they are treating the correct patient.

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    A Committment to Patient Care

    Marion General’s investment in Imprivata PatientSecure shows a true commitment to patient care, because hospital staff can now accurately identify patients when they are unable to do so themselves. Furthermore, it provides a more efficient workflow for clinicians during urgent-care situations.

    Congratulations to Marion General for becoming one of the first hospitals in Indiana to implement Imprivata PatientSecure!


    Read more about Marion General’s use of PatientSecure in our new case study.



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