Catawba Valley Health Systems Uses Multiple Solutions to Reduce Frustration and Save Time

    June 2020 | Audrey Brislin, AVP of Marketing

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    A recently published Customer Insights shares tips from long-term customer, Catawba Valley Health System (CVHS). The health system has successfully utilized Communication Director for automated faxing and report distribution for nearly two decades and has since deployed many additional solutions, including:

    RapidFiler for streamlining the loading of inbound documents to the MEDITECH eChart

    Find-IT for advanced, OCR searching of Business Office documents

    Bed Stat for real-time bed status updates (integrated with MEDITECH’s Bed Board)

    Document Imaging and Scanning Conversion (DISC) for legacy documents & Historical Archive Viewer


    A Multi-Solution Strategy from Forward Advantage

    Prior to contracting with Forward Advantage, CVHS experienced challenges familiar to most MEDITECH hospitals. Referrals were inefficient, and patient admissions weren’t streamlined. Users had trouble locating scanned Business Office documents, and overall, the health system was wasting valuable paper and time. Finally, CVHS faced the daunting task of converting legacy data into MEDITECH.

    Using a multi-solution strategy from Forward Advantage, the results have been nothing short of impressive:

    Inbound and outbound automated faxing and report distribution

    Streamlined admissions with MEDITECH Bed Board and Bed Stat

    OCR search capabilities

    Saving over $14,000/month in support fees from legacy vendor

    General FAI Quote - Kim Patrick

    Faster Referrals

    An inefficient referral process at CVHS frustrated providers and patients while also wasting time and paper. Communication Director is set up for both inbound and outbound faxing, and SmartRoutes automate a variety of functions. This includes creating alerts from orders and sending purchase orders through MEDITECH to CVHS’s vendors.  CVHS also eliminated paper faxing in several areas in the hospital by using Inbound Faxing and File Copy to network folders.

    “Referrals are received much faster and we’re wasting less paper and time,” shares Patrick.


    A Solid Return on Investment

    CVHS has documented leaner processes due to its MEDITECH Bed Board implementation and believes that Forward Advantage’s Bed Stat integration has made this possible with automated updating of bed status by housekeeping. They are experiencing better patient flow from the Emergency Department to inpatient bed and have greatly reduced staff phone calls. “We couldn’t use the Bed Board if it wasn’t being updated by Forward Advantage’s Bed Stat,” states Patrick.

    DISCThe most substantial savings, however, is due to Forward Advantage’s Document Imaging and Scanning Conversion (DISC) services and Historical Archive Viewer. Using Forward Advantage’s team, CVHS successfully migrated many years of legal medical records into MEDITECH, and they used the Historical Archive Viewer while in transition. The health system is now saving an impressive $14,000 per month in support feeds from the legacy vendor.



    Forward Advantage would like to thank Kim Patrick and CVHS for sharing its use case and tips for success. This provides a valuable learning opportunity for other customers seeking to cut costs, improve workflows and provide a higher quality of patient care. We continually seek opportunities to engage customers to learn of additional challenges or unique ways our solutions are being used. Contact us if you’d like to share your own story!

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