COVID-19: Using Imprivata Solutions to Mitigate Risk and Manage Response

March 2020 | Lee Howard, VP of Client Services

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Let me begin this post by expressing my deep appreciation for those who are serving on the frontline in the war against COVID-19. This extends to hospital physicians and staff who put themselves at risk every day to treat patients and make a positive difference. This also extends to the scientists working tirelessly to stop this virus in its tracks. Lastly, a big thank you to anyone and everyone that has endured great financial and personal sacrifices to protect the greater population.

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for everyone, especially the healthcare industry.  Whereas other industries can shut down or go fully remote, hospitals must stay open even in the direst circumstances. However, this doesn’t mean hospitals must be rendered completely vulnerable. It is imperative that patients, care providers and other staff are supported, and your Imprivata solutions from Forward Advantage can be leveraged to do exactly that:

Identify possibly infected care providers

•Secure remote access to your system and applications

•Prevent cyberattacks and misinformation on COVID-19


Identify Possibly Exposed Care Providers

During a viral outbreak, having advanced reporting capabilities to track both user and machine-specific digital identity events is a must.  For instance, Imprivata OneSign can identify precisely where and when specific users accessed specific workstations in different patient care zones. By combining this data with workstation mapping and EHR data, hospitals have a valuable tool that more accurately identifies providers potentially exposed to COVID-19.  

Forward Advantage recommends a robust workstation naming convention to provide more granular detail, ideally including building, floor, department, room or other specific detail. 


Keep Employees Safe with Remote Access

Many of you are facing an increase in remote workers during this crisis. Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access was specifically designed for the healthcare industry and is ideal for your workforce. This multifactor authentication solution provides convenient, quick access to hospital systems outside hospital walls without sacrificing security

Additionally, Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access is currently available to existing Imprivata customers at no cost for all users. Contact us if you would like to deploy your temporary licenses. 


Stop Misinformation in Its Tracks

While there are many people selflessly working to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the sad reality is that there are many others looking to capitalize during this time. Cyberattacks are all too familiar in healthcare, and a perceived weakness can look like a golden opportunity for a hacker. 

I came across a recent article that discussed the flood of misinformation on COVID-19 resulting from text messages. Physicians from Boston to San Francisco reported receiving and sharing realistic-looking text messages relaying false information about COVID-19. It has since been determined that this was the result of a cyberattack, and it would be prudent to assume it won’t be the last. We recommend that customers review and update their policies for mobile devices. Text messaging is popular across all industries, but if not kept in check, it can create more problems than benefits.

Using secure messaging platforms like Imprivata Cortext provide a convenient and secure alternative to traditional text messaging. EHR-integration and alerts streamline clinician workflow for more efficient care, and when widely deployed, secure messaging provides a valuable way to prevent misinformation from unauthorized sources. Additionally, if you are already using Imprivata OneSign, integration with Imprivata Cortext provides the same robust reporting functionality discussed previously in this post. Accurate, end-user reporting combined with security against unwanted information makes the combination of single sign-on and secure messaging a powerful weapon in any hospital’s arsenal.


Key Takeaway

Forward Advantage recognizes the contributions that our customers are making to combat COVID-19. Thank you for everything you do! We’ll continue to share as we learn about and identify more ways to leverage existing solutions to better defend against COVID-19.

Contact us with any questions or to deploy your temporary Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access licenses.


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