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    July 2020 | Audrey Brislin, AVP of Marketing

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    I hope this post finds everyone well. It is hard to believe it’s been four months since our first post on COVID-19 featuring how Forward Advantage solutions can help during the pandemic.    


    As a reminder that we are all in this together, I wanted to touch base on COVID-19. Collaboration in healthcare has never been more important. Our partners and other vendors have offered complimentary solutions and a wealth of resources for healthcare organizations. These same organizations are also relying on each other for advice and successful use cases. In fact, Forward Advantage recently surveyed its customers to gain insight on ways our solutions can be leveraged for COVID-19, and we were heartened by the number of responses and helpful feedback.  

    Below is a recap of how Forward Advantage solutions can be leveraged, along with some recent quotes from surveyed customers. Lastly, I have included a list of new vendor resources that might be helpful to organizations during this time.  


    Handling Increases in Faxing

    Faxing has increased as hospitals restrict on-site visitors and other non-critical face-to-face transactions. To help address volume increases and ensure faxes are going out as needed, consider either cloud-enabled telephony  (now available with Communication Director) or adding capacity for traditional telephony solutions.

    CloudFax Connector (1)We have recently announced the available our CloudFax Connector, which provides optional cloud-based fax transmissions for Communication Director. Traditional fax continues to meet most of a hospital’s faxing needs; however, conversations with customers uncovered a need for greater reliability. The CloudFax Connector provides high reliability plus the added benefit of on-demand scalability.

    Request more information here.


    Support Remote Faxing Workflows

    The number of remote employees has grown exponentially across industries nationwide, and healthcare is no exception. Remote healthcare employees still need to send and receive faxes. With Communication Director, they can send faxes electronically via our DesktopFax functionality, which may extend to remote employees depending on your environment. Plus, remote hospital or clinic employees can receive inbound faxes via email or have them dropped into a network folder - with no need for a physical fax machine.

    Customers have reported that recipients, such as physician offices, have employees working from home and need information delivered via other methods besides fax.  Communication Director can also automatically deliver outbound results and other information via email or network file drop. These include lab, imaging, pharmacy, materials management, and others reports out of your EHR or other clinical system.

    Importantly, many surveyed customers emphasized that most changes to sending results to providers due to COVID were easily handled with their robust automated workflows and Communication Director infrastructure. Communication Director can efficiently handle sending critical, time sensitive results as well as changes to delivery methods, such as changing from fax to email. 

    CDS Quote 1CDS Quote 2

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    Replace Paper Filing with Electronic Workflows

    With a move to remote workforces, paper filing processes may need to be replaced with electronic workflows. RapidFiler creates a streamlined workflow for electronically filing documents into MEDITECH, eliminating the need for manual printing and scanning, along with trips to the hospital to pick up batches of paper. COVID-strained organizations can mitigate exposure risk and save time.


    Mitigate Risk with Imprivata

    In late March, Forward Advantage featured a blog post, Using Imprivata Solutions to Mitigate Risk and Manage Response. In this post, our VP of Client Services, Lee Howard, discusses how Imprivata solutions can help organizations identify providers that may have been exposed during their shift to COVID-19. He also shares how organizations can protect employees and themselves by facilitating secure, remote access with multifactor authentication and ways to facilitate virtual communications.


    COVID-19 Resources from Our Partners

    There are many offers and solutions for managing through COVID-19 and I hope these resources provided by our partners are of value to you.  See below for a list of recent offerings.


    · MEDITECH assists customers with software and support to help combat COVID-19.

    · MEDITECH shares Health IT crisis and disaster planning recommendations for COVID-19 from CereCore.

    · MEDITECH provides Decision Support and Guidance for COVID-19. Workflow documents have been updated to ensure that care teams continue to have the proper coronavirus screening procedures in place.


    · Imprivata's Senior Product Marketing Manager, Rachel Pickering, shares 7 Best Practices for Supporting Telehealth, Virtual Care, and Remote Visitation amid COVID-19.

    · Take advantage of a few recent articles written by Imprivata’s CMO, Dr. Sean Kelly. As an emergency physician in Boston, he provides valuable insight into COVID-19.

    o Provider systems face a new crisis from COVID-19: Staffing


    We’re Here to Help

    Forward Advantage is here to help you navigate the challenges brought by COVID-19. As the use cases show, many of your existing solutions and functionality can be leveraged for COVID-19. Contact us  to discuss any of the solutions mentioned above or if you have any questions.

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