King’s Daughters Medical Center Optimizes Clinical Mobility

    July 2019 | Audrey Brislin, AVP of Marketing

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    The combination of MEDITECH Expanse Point of Care, Zebra clinical mobile devices, and Imprivata Mobile Device Access enhance mobility for nursing staff and create better patient care at King’s Daughters Medical Center (KDMC).

     Fast, Secure Access to Mobile Clinical Data

    Read how MEDITECH customers can maximize Expanse Point of Care (POC) using Zebra clinical mobile devices and Imprivata® Mobile Device Access (MDA). These two solutions are offered with the MEDITECH-endorsed partnership between ACS MediHealth and Forward Advantage. Together, they provide the enhanced level of care that KDMC strives for with fast, secure access to mobile clinical data and more face-time between patients and caregivers.   


    Hand-Held Devices at Patient Bedside

    Prior to implementing MEDITECH's Expanse POC, nurses at KDMC typically used hand-held scanners and wall-mounted computers for medication administration and in-room documentation. Wall-mounted computers were not always on the same side of the room as patients, and the number of steps to administertc51hc-healthcare-patient-bedside-id-scanning a medication was inefficient. Not only was this process cumbersome for KDMC’s nurses, but it negatively impacted the amount of face-time they had with patients. Zebra clinical mobile devices consolidate the EMR and scanner into one, hand-held device that is used right at the patient’s bedside. Furthermore, the Zebra devices come with a built-in proximity reader, which allowed KDMC to extend the convenience of single sign-on using Imprivata MDA.


     Imprivata Mobile Device Access Workflow

    MDA Workflow


    The results at KDMC speak for themselves. Some areas in the hospital are approaching 100% medication administration using the Zebra devices, despite them never being mandated. The convenience of the mobile devices, and the ability to extend single sign-on, allows nurses to save valuable time that can be put towards patient care.

    Read more about KDMC’s implementation in the case study or watch the recorded webinar.




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