Employee Spotlight: Claire Ormonde, Client Services Specialist

    May 2021 | Kelsey Raymer, Marketing Associate

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    In-person connections are something we all missed during the pandemic. Forward Advantage is pleased to launch a monthly Employee Spotlight series to, in a small way, bridge the digital gap between our team and our customers. We are fortunate to have a fun and talented team to showcase and we hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better! This month, we are putting the spotlight on Client Services Specialist, Claire Ormonde.

    Tell us about yourself…

    My family consists of my spouse, our twin 13-year-old boys, our dog Pearl, our cat Holly and a few fish. We love to get out to amusement parks such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios Hollywood. We also enjoy camping or going to the beach. I have a small garden that I love taking care of and I also enjoy making improvements around the house. When I do have extra time for a hobby, I do woodburning and have made many different gifts for people over the years. 


    Describe your current role and what you are most proud of or excited about with your team.

    My current role is as a Client Services Specialist and subject matter expert for one of our newer solutions, RapidFiler. I am very excited about the current advancements that have been and are still being made to RapidFiler and look forward to continued growth for that product as well as our other products that Forward Advantage offers.  


    What do you most value about working at Forward Advantage? 

    The people I work with and for are what I value most at Forward Advantage. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people that I get to interact with on a day to day basis. I also appreciate how Forward Advantage is always thinking about its customers as well as the employees, that is a rare combination to find in a company. 


    What do you most value about working in the healthcare industry?

    Working in the healthcare industry has always been an interest of mine and I have had several jobs throughout my life that have dealt with some form of healthcare. I like to know I can help play a part or have a role that will help others. Even if what I do does not affect the patient directly, helping the workers get the information they need in the hospital will. That, in turn, also helps those healthcare workers who are already giving so much to care for others. 


    How do you keep yourself grounded in times of great stress or change? 

    Staying grounded is something that I am continuously working on and think we all need to continue to work on. I went through school to become a certified massage therapist and health educator years ago and there I learned a lot about being grounded and breathing to keep focus. This allows me to stay present in certain situations and I know I can get through things as long as I am doing my best and taking them one at a time. Prioritizing helps although sometimes being a multi-tasker comes in very handy when you have two clients both needing just as much attention for their urgent issues.


    What is something you have learned since working remote full time?

    Something I have learned working remote full time is that I miss that human interaction I used to get with my co-workers. We can still connect and get our jobs done, but that comradery and that personal connection was something that I just loved. Working remotely saves gas, which is a plus, and cuts down on commute time as long as my dog and cat are not causing a traffic jam in the hallway!



    Stay tuned for more employee spotlights to get a closer look at the faces behind Forward Advantage!


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