Employee Spotlight: Cristina Camacho

    September 2021 | Kelsey Raymer, Marketing Associate

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     We are fortunate to have a fun and talented team to showcase and we hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better! This month, we are putting the spotlight on Cristina Camacho, Administrative Assistant. 

    Cristina and her daughters Tell us about yourself…

    I am a mom of three beautiful girls and a grandmother of four. I moved to Hanford after my divorce, and I love the beach, spending time with the family and enjoying life.  

     Describe your current role and what you are most proud of or excited about with your team.

    I work as the administrative assistant to the President/CEO at Forward Advantage. I am most proud of accomplishing new challenges given to me.

    What do you most value about working at Forward Advantage?

    I value providing excellent customer service to our customers, our team and the importance of each of our roles. It’s important to me to work for a company that truly cares about its customers and employees.

    What do you most value about working in the healthcare industry?

    I have worked in the healthcare industry since I was 18 years old. I play a key role at Forward Advantage, because I am often the first one to greet customers with a friendly smile or make them feel welcome on the phone. With that being said, I love interacting with our customers and making them feel welcomed and appreciated

    How do you keep yourself grounded in times of great stress or change?

    Going to the gym, taking a walk or a drive while listening to music, or spending time with the grandkids are the things that keep me grounded from stress. 

    What is something you have learned since working remote full time?

    I have been primarily working at the office since the pandemic hit, but I have learned that we can still give our customers good service whether we are working from home or the office. I do miss the face-to-face interactions with my coworkers, but they are always a phone call away.


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