Employee Spotlight: Mono Veissid, Implementation Engineer

    August 2021 | Kelsey Raymer, Marketing Associate

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     We are fortunate to have a fun and talented team to showcase and we hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better! This month, we are putting the spotlight on Mono Veissid, Implementation Engineer from the Migration services division.

    Tell us about yourself…

    My wife and I have 3 amazing young daughters and live by the beach in a small town near Boston. I enjoy writing and producing songs, reading science fiction, and playing chess.


    Describe your current role and what you are most proud of or excited about with your team.

    I am an implementation engineer in the MIS department.  I install and support Find-It and have various data migration projects. I love the challenge of the work. Our team is so thoughtful and caring it elevates me at and outside of work.


    What do you most value about working at Forward Advantage?

    Feeling that my contributions are helping our customers and that our successes contribute to everyone’s success here at Forward Advantage. I also feel the leadership team (all the way up) has their hearts in the right place and is thinking about providing great services and products, while providing a very supportive work environment.


    What do you most value about working in the healthcare industry?

    Innovations in information technology will continue to transform healthcare, and it’s super exciting to be on the front lines with Forward Advantage, solving problems and making improvements wherever we can in the industry. Even small improvements feel big because our customers are saving lives, and whatever we can do to make their lives easier and more effective is awesome.


    What is your history at Forward Advantage?

    I have been an implementation engineer at Forward Advantage for 10 years. My work gradually moved from supporting FOX Mail to Find-It, then on to DISC and FACE. There is so much to do in our department and still so much for me to learn. I’m lucky to have that kind of opportunity in my work.


    What is something you have learned since working remote full time?

    I feel incredibly fortunate, especially during the pandemic, that we could help our customers remotely. There are so many brave people, nurses, tech staff, doctors etc. that continued to work in person at the hospitals. This just reinforced what I knew already, which is that our customers are the real heroes.


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