March 31, 2022

Forward Advantage Partners with MapsPeople for a Better Patient Experience

Written by: 

Audrey Brislin

, AVP of Marketing

Today’s patients are also consumers with consumer-driven expectations and the ability to shop around for where they receive care. To engage patients and compete in this consumer-driven market, healthcare organizations are investing in solutions to improve the experience a patient has with their brand. Forward Advantage recognizes the growing importance of patient experience in healthcare, and we’ve used our integration expertise to develop a new healthcare-branded mobile app platform, PXMobile. This new platform brings together clinical and consumer-focused information. It includes integrations with EHR patient portals, health libraries, and other third-party patient engagement applications to deliver a single, hospital-branded mobile app for patients to seamlessly access information around their care.

Patient wayfinding is integral for an improved patient experience, so we recently partnered with a leading wayfinding solution provider, MapsPeople, and have integrated MapsPeople’s dynamic mapping platform with PXMobile. This new partnership helps hospitals offer a better on-site experience to patients as they navigate from their homes to the hospital and/or within the hospital. This makes it easy for patients to find their way, reducing frustrations, keeping appointments on schedule, and maintaining positive relationships. We look forward to sharing this exciting new opportunity with our customers and their patients.

Patients are Demanding a Better Experience

Patient experience has always been important in healthcare, but clinical outcomes have been a more traditional measure of an organization’s effectiveness. Clinical outcomes are still just as critical, but patient experience is gaining ground for a good reason. Patients are looking for exceptional interactions with healthcare systems, including timely appointments, easy access to information and good communication with providers to tie in with positive clinical outcomes.

Patient experience is recognized as a top priority for most healthcare CEOs to assess if patients are receiving care that is respectful and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values.

Wayfinding Improves Patient Experience

Easy-to-use digital wayfinding is a simple way to enhance the overall experience with a healthcare system and can help alleviate stress and frustration on patients, visitors, and staff. Wayfinding calculates the fastest, simplest route and provides step-by-step directions required by many patients, so they find where they need to go quickly. It can help keep appointments on schedule, provide navigation to key areas like restrooms and the cafeteria and can also be helpful in emergency situations by providing the closest emergency exit.

The Takeaway

Today’s patients have a more active role as consumers, using a discerning eye to determine where to receive care. To stay competitive and offer an experience that stands out, hospitals are investing in digital solutions like wayfinding that enhance the way a patient interacts with the health care system. “We have expanded our solutions and expertise in integrations to offer a patient-facing mobile app that improves a patient’s experience with their health system,” shares Chris Roggenstein, President & CEO at Forward Advantage. “Navigation to and around a facility is a critical component in providing a better experience, which is why we chose MapsIndoors to power the wayfinding feature of our mobile app.”

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