Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare Expands Cancer Center with the Help of MEDITECH Expanse Genomics Solution and Communication Director

    May 2022 | Kevin Frazier, Manager of Client Services

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    Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) provides patients with its Golden Standard of Care using top-rated providers, personalized care and conveniently located facilities. This commitment to patient care also shows in the IT investments made by GVMH, including Forward Advantage’s Communication Director for efficient and reliable report distribution from its MEDITECH Expanse EHR.  In fact, GVMH was the first facility to go live with the MEDITECH Expanse Genomics solution and was an early adopter of Forward Advantage’s Genomics SmartRoute through Communication Director. The new Expanse Genomics solution allows discrete genetic results and genomic PDF reports to be electronically incorporated into a patient’s medical record for easy access, then a Forward Advantage SmartRoute automatically shares results with outside providers. This new capability has been essential as GVMH grows its Cancer Center to provide patients with more convenient, local services.

    We were fortunate to have a sit-down with Jean Srch, Clinical Applications Specialist at GVMH, to learn more about GVMH’s specific use case. A big thank you to Jean, as these opportunities provide a valuable learning opportunity for us and our customers. Click here to access the full Q&As.

    Genomics is Significant for Patient Care

    Genomic sequencing isn’t new to healthcare, but it has come a long way thanks to technology advancements and research. Uses include noninvasive prenatal testing, diagnosing and treating cancer, and pharmacogenomics to prevent adverse reactions to prescribed drugs. Aware of the use cases and potential of genomics, GVMH and was quick to get on board with the MEDITECH Expanse Genomics solution. “I think the effect of genomics on patient care will be significant,” shares Srch. “The fact that we can take care of our patients and process testing, without them having to go into the city, is a huge benefit for our community.”

    Recognizing Challenges

    GVMH delivers approximately 30,000 pages a month using Communication Director’s DesktopFax for on-demand faxing and SmartRoute for automated and intelligent report delivery. Although GVMH has used the solution successfully for many years, genomic reports from outside laboratories presented the following challenges:

    • PDF genomic reports from outside labs were not easily incorporated into patient charts
    • Time and resources were wasted from printing and scanning genomic reports into the system
    • Genomic reports were not linked to a medical record and not easily searched
    • Patient care risked delay due to reports not being automatically faxed to the ordering provider

    A Close Collaboration

    As long-time collaborators, MEDITECH and Forward Advantage worked closely on meeting customer needs with the combination of the MEDITECH Expanse Genomics solution and new Genomics SmartRoute through Communication Director to address the above challenges. The results are exactly what GVMH sought:

    • Outside PDF reports are easily incorporated into a patient’s chart without printing and scanning
    • Genomic reports are automatically delivered to outside providers just like other GVMH reports

    Most importantly, GVMH’s Cancer Center is better able to serve its communities with greater efficiency and better access to information for quick diagnosis and treatment.

    The Takeaway

    Both MEDITECH and Forward Advantage recognize the growing importance of genomics in the medical community. Our two companies have a long history of working closely to address customer challenges, and we are thankful to GVMH for collaborating with us to ensure an optimal solution for their facility and others interested in sharing genomic reports. Our expertise lies in integration and information exchange with the goal of ensuring better access to information for better patient care.

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