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January 2020 | Mike Murphy, Director of Business and Industry Analytics

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This week's highlights: a portable and connected home-use spirometer device and a drug that could potentially slow down the progression of Parkinson's.

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EHR vendors have consistently exaggerated EHRs’ abilities in order to receive millions in government subsidies, according to an investigation by Fortune and Kaiser Health News.

California could become the first state with its own prescription drug label under a proposal Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled Thursday. 

The CMS has opened the data submission period for the 2019 MIPS program. Eligible clinicians can submit their Quality Payment Program data until March 31, 2020. The status of providers can be checked by using the CMS Quality Payment Program Participation Status Lookup Tool.

The Federal Trade Commission encouraged Kansas' and Ohio's legislatures on Monday to pass bills that would allow advanced practice registered nurses to treat patients without physician oversight.

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23andMe Inc., the Silicon Valley firm known for its ancestry DNA tests, has licensed an antibody it developed to treat inflammatory diseases to Spanish drugmaker Almirall SA. The deal gives Almirall rights to develop and commercialize the antibody for worldwide use.

Livongo, a chronic care management company and Higi, a consumer health engagement company with a nationwide network of 10,000 Smart Health Stations, announced a partnership to create a seamless experience for people to determine their risk for chronic conditions, measure and track their health data, and enroll in Livongo’s leading chronic condition management solutions.

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Patient social network MyHealthTeams revealed that it is teaming up with EMD Serono to launch a new information resource for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) who are pregnant or potentially becoming pregnant.

Collective Medical announces the national rollout of a free enhancement to its real-time notification and care collaboration platform that identifies patients with a history of sepsis for quick intervention.

Respiratory monitor maker NuvoAir (formerly Pond Healthcare Innovation) has received its first FDA 510(k) approval for Air Next, a portable and connected home-use spirometer device.

Fast Company profiles Binah.ai, an Israeli-based company that made waves at CES with technology that can detect heart rate and stress levels over video.

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Microsoft’s support of Windows 7 ended on January 14th, leaving a significant number of hospital and practice users without security updates.

Researchers determine that lax cybersecurity at hundreds of healthcare facilities have left over 1 billion medical images exposed on the Internet.

The U.S. National Security Agency has revealed a major flaw in Windows 10 that could have been used by hackers to create malicious software that looked legitimate.

VMware on Tuesday advised customers using VMware Tools version 10 for Windows to update their installations to version 11 due to a local privilege escalation vulnerability that allows an attacker who has access to the guest virtual machine to escalate their privileges.

Home security camera company Ring has fired employees for improperly accessing Ring users' video data, according to a letter the company wrote to U.S. Senators. In addition to firing workers, Ring has also taken steps to limit such data access to a small number of people, currently three employees.

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Drinking tea at least three times a week could be linked with a longer and healthier life, scientists say.

A KLAS report on replacing glass pathology slides with digital pathology for primary diagnosis finds that the new technology might not be less expensive, but it provides insurance against predicted pathologist shortages in supporting remote work.

The “hotspotting” project of Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, in which healthcare super-utilizers were given more aggressive care with a claimed huge reduction in their hospital readmissions, fails to pass a randomized controlled trial, with no change in readmissions.

Stanford Medicine’s annual health trends report reveals just how well 700 physicians, residents, and students feel they’re prepared to interact with the latest digital innovations.

A drug that breaks up phlegm in patients with bronchitis may slow the progression of Parkinson's, a trial has suggested.

In response to the national opioid epidemic, 30 U.S health systems have decided to partner on a multi-faceted initiative aiming to expand access to treatment, confront the cultural stigma of addiction, and provide new solutions for their communities.


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