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November 2019 | Mike Murphy, Director of Business and Industry Analytics

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Regulatory, Legislative,


Legal News


The HHS is working on a more aggressive approach to tying payment for physician-administered drugs in Medicare to foreign drug prices.

Shortly after The Wall Street Journal blew the lid off Project Nightingale, regulators have announced that they'll start looking into Google's partnership with Ascension, “to learn more about this mass collection of individuals' medical records to ensure that HIPAA protections were fully implemented."

The Trump administration proposed two long-anticipated rules that increase price transparency for both hospitals and insurers on Friday.

The House of Representatives passed a stopgap government funding bill on Tuesday that delays $4 billion in cuts to Medicaid disproportionate-share hospital payments until December 20th.

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Investment News


Nashville-based predictive analytics company Xsolis acquires Medarchon, a messaging and analytics business also based in Nashville, for an undisclosed sum.

Brighton Park Capital acquires a majority stake in patient engagement platform vendor Relatient and appoints former Siemens USA President Eric Spiegel as the company’s board chair.

Kaiser Permanente plans to open ten new medical facilities in the Baltimore area as part of a $13 billion expansion plan. The expansion is expected to create roughly 18,000 new jobs in Greater Baltimore.

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New Products





Nike has designed an athletic shoe for nurses, physicians and home health providers, the Air Zoom Pulse.  It has no laces to simplify cleaning and is designed to easily slip on and off.

WellSky develops the WellSky IO interoperability framework to help post-acute and community providers connect to patient data exchanges.

Deloitte announces ConvergeHealth Connect, a set of Salesforce-powered engagement products tailored to patients, providers, public health officials, and payers at Dreamforce 2019.

Plantation, FL-based CascadeMD launches with AI-powered, voice-dictation software that populates a patient’s EHR.

Vocera will resell Spectralink Versity smartphones, which have been certified for use with its clinical communication and workflow system.

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Travelers are advised to avoid using public USB power charging stations in airports, hotels, and other locations because they may contain dangerous malware, the Los Angeles District Attorney said in a security alert published earlier this month.

Popular health websites are sharing private, personal medical data with big tech companies, according to an investigation by the Financial Times.

A fake Windows Update spam campaign has been dropping the Cyborg ransomware. The email directs the potential victim to an attachment described as the 'latest critical update'.

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Old-fashioned stethoscopes seem to be holding their own in the U.S., with dollar sales roughly equal for both manual and electronic devices, over the past five years, according to Grand View Research, and projected to stay that way until 2025.

The American Medical Association co-sponsors a study that finds that perceived EHR usability is poor and contributes to physician burnout.

Results of the Apple Heart Study are in, leaving researchers with several solid takeaways regarding the Apple Watch’s ability to alert users to abnormalities.

A new survey finds that healthcare organizations are still heavily reliant on 1970s technology, with 89% using fax machines and 39% using pagers. Healthcare organizations also rely heavily on landline phones to communicate.

A five-year study finds that a health literacy incentive program using health education content from Healthwise lowered healthcare costs.

Virtual care company Medek partners with the United Way to offer a free telemedicine visit to those in need each time a Medek customer pays for their visit with an American Express credit card.

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