Industry News Update 4/8/22

    April 2022 | Mike Murphy, Director of Business and Industry Analytics

    Industry Trends

    This week's highlights: Brightline raises$105M to expand virtual mental healthcare services, ONC publishes the agenda for its 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting April 13-14, & As of March, the CMS had sent "about 345" warning notices to hospitals noncompliant with its price transparency regulations. 


    Regulatory, Legislative, and Legal News

    • As of March, the CMS had sent "about 345" warning notices to hospitals noncompliant with its price transparency regulations, the agency revealed. The CMS has made 136 corrective action plan requests to hospitals since the rule went into effect, and 124 hospitals have had their cases closed after they addressed citations, the agency said.
    • The U.S. Department of State announced the creation of the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy to deal with national security challenges and the implications of cyberspace and digital technologies and policies on U.S. values. Three policy units will be part of the CDP bureau, including Digital Freedom, International Cyberspace Security, and International Information and Communications Policy.
    • The CMS released its final 2023 Medicare Advantage capitation and Part C and D rate announcement with an effective growth rate of 4.88 percent and an 8.5 percent average revenue increase for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.

    Financial and Investment News

    • Brightline raises $105M to expand virtual mental healthcare services to diverse populations and its digital on-demand platform, Connect, along with its coaching programs and clinical services, are now available in all 50 states.
    • Elon Musk now owns 9.2 percent of Twitter after purchasing $2.89 billion in stock, according to a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing reported by CNBC
    • Digital health funding may be finally slowing down as the industry wraps up the first quarter of the new year. According to Rock Health's Q1 2022 report, U.S. digital health startups raised $6 billion across 183 deals, well behind Q4 2021's $7.3 billion.

    New Products and Services

    • TeleSign announces GA of healthcare-specific solutions, including digital patient identity verification, appointment scheduling and reminders, and digital safeguards for medical records.
    • Google released a security-themed Chrome browser makeover this week with patches for 28 documented vulnerabilities, some serious enough to lead to code execution attacks.
    • NextGen Healthcare, a provider of cloud-based healthcare technology solutions, announced the newest release of its NextGen® Behavioral Health Suite. This latest solution offers an integrated platform that addresses outpatient mental health services, substance use disorders, crisis services, residential treatment services, intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as primary care.
    • Philips launched the Ultrasound Workspace platform at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session and Expo. Combining 3D echocardiography capabilities with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analysis and quantification tools, the Ultrasound Workspace bolsters connectivity and reporting across different systems with vendor-neutral applications and remote browser access.

    Privacy and Security

    • Security experts have called on Raspberry and Linux users to change default passwords on their machines as new data revealed the extent of bot-driven attempts to hijack systems.
    • medical advisory issued on last week by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warned that Philips Healthcare's e-Alert magnetic resonance imaging monitoring software has a security vulnerability that could potentially allow an unauthorized user to remotely shut down the system.
    • When responding to online patient reviews, some healthcare providers are taking defending their reputation too far, and are violating HIPAA laws, The Verge reported.

    Other News

    • ONC publishes the agenda for its 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting February 2-3 (education sessions) and April 13-14 (panel sessions, exhibit hall, and networking).
    • The Our World in Data website shows that a high percentage of people in Africa have yet to receive even one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, a 60-year-old man allegedly had himself vaccinated against COVID-19 dozens of times in Germany in order to sell forged vaccination cards with real vaccine batch numbers to people not wanting to get vaccinated themselves.

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