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August 2019 | Mike Murphy

Industry News

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Regulatory, Legislative,


Legal News


• The CMS will not allow Utah or any other state to use federal funding to partially expand Medicaid. 

• The Department of Health and Human Services is providing nearly $42 million in funding via HRSA to support 1,183 federally funded health centers nationwide to bolster their use of IT.

The American Hospital Association, the Federation of American Hospitals and three other major hospital groups called for substantial changes to the CMS-mandated patient experience survey in a new report.

Five Texas lab companies agreed to pay $56.2 million to United Healthcare to settle allegations that the labs submitted millions of dollars in fraudulent claims for unnecessary and expensive urine tests.

The CMS has proposed a rule to force hospitals to publish their negotiated charges for common procedures and products, starting in January 2020. It would require gross charges and payer-negotiated prices to be posted online in a machine-readable format so that developers could incorporate them in consumer price transparency tools and electronic health records.

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Investment News


Health Catalyst and Livongo become the first digital health companies to IPO since 2016.

CNBC reports that membership-based primary care company One Medical’s valuation has increased to $2 billion.

The EQT VII fund sold Press Ganey to a consortium of funds managed by affiliates of Ares Management Corporation, Leonard Green and Partners, and other co-investors.

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New Products





• Eko Devices announced a new service that matches ECG and heart sound recordings with clinical data to help pinpoint novel drug-data combinations.

Leaders from the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and Harvard Business School's (HBS) Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness have announced a new value-based measurement tool that aims to help hospitals and surgical practices improve outcomes while lowering the cost of care.

Indianapolis-based insurer Anthem has tapped primary care startup K Health to launch a new co-branded app to help Anthem members determine a potential diagnosis and text with doctors for medical advice.

Simple Interact announces GA of digital informed consent forms that automatically upload to the EHR.

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An EY consultant says the data on 55 million patients held by the UK’s NHS could be worth $12 billion if sold to commercial interests, but could also be mined by NHS itself to generate $6 billion per year through operational savings and improved patient outcomes.

Critical vulnerabilities in enterprise virtual private network (VPN) solutions from Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet and Pulse Secure allow attackers to infiltrate corporate networks, obtain sensitive information, and eavesdrop on communications, researchers warn.

A hacker used a sophisticated cyberattack against Edgepark Medical Supplies to access the accounts of patients. The Twinsburg, Ohio-based supplier was hit by a sophisticated gambit known as a “password spray attack,” where a hacker repeatedly guesses a user’s account password via an automated process.

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• A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association using data from Northern California Kaiser Permanente sites suggests that the use of radiation-laden CT scans on pregnant women increased over a 21-year period, despite potential risks to fetal development. 

• A new report, "Provider Perspectives on Digital Access,” indicates the vast majority of physicians want to be more involved in health system digital patient access initiatives.

Public opinion toward technology companies has soured in recent years amid growing concerns about privacy and misinformation, according to a new Pew Research Center poll of about 750 respondents.

'Tickling' the ear with a small electrical current appears to rebalance the autonomic nervous system for those over 55, potentially slowing down one of the effects of aging, according to new research.

MIT researchers have developed a new device that may diagnose sepsis with less than a drop of blood. It is designed to pick up on the presence of biomarkers for sepsis in a person's blood.

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