Migrating to MEDITECH Expanse or MaaS?

    October 2021 | Audrey Brislin, AVP of Marketing

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    Did you miss Forward Advantage’s recent webinar on migration options when heading to MEDITECH Expanse or MaaS? If so, it’s not too late to gain key insights on migration options, our process, and additional solutions that aid in a smooth transition. The webinar is hosted by our very own Steve Leroux, director of migration and integration services. Prior to joining Forward Advantage, Steve worked on programming teams for more than 12 years, making him a prime candidate to lead our team that handles document and data conversion services. What follows below is a short webinar recap; however, we encourage customers to watch the video below for a deeper dive into your MEDITECH migration.

    Staying Grounded with Your Head in the Clouds – a Look at Migration Options when Heading to MEDITECH

    Understanding Our Historical Archive Viewer

    Forward Advantage’s Historical Archive Viewer was initially developed as a simple storage solution for legacy documents. It provides a cost-effective alternative to a full system conversion or ongoing legacy maintenance and is now baked into our conversion process. The typical conversion consists of millions of pages, which can be loaded into the Historical Archive Viewer much more quickly than the time needed to fully convert into MEDITECH. This provides a location for extensive data validation and allows hospitals to end legacy maintenance costs much sooner.

    Lightweight, Flexible and Auditable

    The Historical Archive Viewer resides on a hospital’s network as a lightweight, flexible solution. It can handle many different file types and image formats and accommodates up to six, customizable search fields. Real-life scenarios include:

    • A customer with multiple legacy systems in one instance of the Historical Archive  Viewer

    • A health system using the Historical Archive Viewer for two separate MAGIC hospitals and a Client/Server hospital

    In the example above, a separate view was created for the two MAGIC hospitals. Alternatively, a view can be created with all documents together if certain users need to see everything across the spectrum. Roles and permissions define what users can do within the Historical Archive Viewer, and everything is audited (who logged in, what they searched for, etc.).

    Supporting Solutions

    During the webinar, Steve also discusses two additional solutions that compliment a MEDITECH Expanse or MaaS migration. These solutions integrate seamlessly with MEDITECH, and you can see them demoed in the webinar recording:


    Forward Advantage’s SmartLaunch button alerts clinicians and other staff to patient information contained within the Historical Archive Viewer or other third-party systems. The button’s appearance and placement are highly customizable, and it changes color when alerting the user. A simple click provides quick access to information from MEDITECH. 


    Most of the webinar discusses clinical document and data conversions, but we realize customers will need to convert financial legacy documents as well. Our Find-It solution provides a landing place for these documents and leverages Optical Character Recognition for advanced searches of text within the documents themselves. A new upgrade was just released with some exciting functionality, including the ability to move scans within the system and edit the data that is associated with each scan. Reach out to us for more information on these new updates.

    The Takeaway

    Steve’s number one tip is to understand what should be retained and where it should reside at the beginning of your conversion project. Discovering late in the game that you need additional years of data can lead to many headaches and difficulty restarting the project. Forward Advantage had decades of experience working with MEDITECH hospitals, and our experts have completed more than 250 projects (converting over 2 billion files from dozens of systems). We are here to help you make these decisions for a smooth transition and maximized investment.

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