Moving to Expanse? What You Need to Know…

October 2019 | Audrey Brislin, AVP of Marketing

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How to transition your existing solutions, streamline authentication workflows and find cost-effective migration options.

If you’re planning a move to MEDITECH Expanse (or even just thinking about one), you are bound to have questions. As MEDITECH’s preferred partner, we hosted three, short webinars on this very topic. Each webinar is only about 20 minutes long and provides a quick overview of what you need to know to prepare for your migration and tips for maximizing your investment. You can view the on-demand webinars here. 



Undertaking a migration from one system to another, and possibly MANY systems to ONE is complicated and time intensive. Getting ahead of the project by cataloging the types of data and documents you currently have is one of the most important steps to assure a successful migration. While there are many options out there for HOW to migrate your legacy data, they might not all be the right fit for your organization. As a MEDITECH preferred partner and integrator, we’ve helped many healthcare facilities move to MEDITECH Expanse – and hope we can share some of our lessons learned with you.

Since 2010, we have completed more than 150 migration and legacy conversion projects. This adds up to more than 2 billion files converted! Our migration webinar shares tips for saving time, effort, and expense as you prepare, convert, migrate and preserve your legacy data and documents.

Migrations by the numbers



“What will happen to my Communication Director System?” is a common question from customers planning or considering a move to MEDITECH Expanse. The short answer is that your organization will need to be on the Communication Director 4 platform to be compatible with Expanse. This is because Expanse receives data differently than other versions of MEDITECH, so Communication Director will require some configuration. Topics covered in the webinar to help you prepare include:

• Faxing expectations with Expanse

• Timeline for Client Services

• Required resources on your end

• Inbound faxing to maintain a streamlined, paperless workflow

• Functionality to enhance your investment

• RapidFiler for streamlined delivery of inbound documents to MEDITECH’s Echart

• Benefits of virtualization and Cloud Faxing



Meditech 4

Expanse comes with MEDITECH Bed Board functionality, and Forward Advantage has integrated technology to help manage Bed Board updates. Our Bed Stat application integrates with MEDITECH’s Bed Board application, so Admissions and other departments always have immediate access to accurate bed status. Using simple telephone prompts, housekeeping easily updates Bed Board as they move from room to room. This efficiency leads to faster admissions and increased nursing productivity, which ultimately leads to more satisfied patients.



Forward Advantage now offers Imprivata Mobile Device Access (MDA), which extends the convenience of single sign-on to clinical mobile devices:Meditech 5

This new technology has been well received by our customers, because of its ability to streamline existing workflows to save clinicians both time and frustration. Most importantly, it allows for more face-time at the patient’s bedside. Interested in reading a case study on this topic? King’s Daughters Medical Center implemented Imprivata MDA, in conjunction with Expanse Point of Care. Read their success story to learn more!

Our mobility webinar features a Q&A session with our authentication and mobility expert, Josh Locher.  Plus Josh shares answers to frequently asked MEDITECH Expanse authentication and mobility questions.



Migrating EHRs is a major undertaking for any organization, and it’s been exciting to work with our valued customers as they embark on their migration journey! Plus, we’re enjoying making new business partners, as well.

If you’d like more information about the topics above, check out the previously mentioned webinar series – our solution experts will answer questions and share lessons learned from helping other organizations through their Expanse migrations. View the webinars and the one focused on your area of expertise.

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs

Thanks for letting us be a part of your “team” and best of luck with your Expanse migration!



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