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    September 2021 | Amy Leopold, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

    Identity & Access Management, Partners

    As a critical industry, healthcare organizations are routinely targeted by increasingly sophisticated hackers with no sign of slowing down. Just as concerning, those on the inside have proven to be a major weak link in organizational efforts to secure protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive information. In fact, a 2019 HIMSS survey identified online scam artists and negligent insiders as the biggest threats facing the organizations of nearly half of those who responded.

    MEDITECH, a leading EHR provider, recognizes this growing threat and has turned to Forward Advantage to provide identity governance and administration (IGA) to its customers. IGA can transform healthcare organizations from a reactive to proactive security stance and is the focus of a new MEDITECH blog post by our VP of Client Services, Lee Howard. In this post, Lee offers his thoughts on why identity governance matters in healthcare. What follows below is a short recap, but we encourage our followers to read the full post and share!


    Identity Governance Gets the Attention it Deserves

    EHR vendors and third-party partners have developed software-based tools to automate IGA procedures for the centralized management of digital identities. The same respondents in the aforementioned HIMSS survey also said they are increasingly looking to IGA to improve their security posture against these threats. It looks like IGA finally has the attention it deserves, creating a $3.04 billion market by 2018.


    Managing Identities Digitally

    As healthcare technology evolves, new digital tools have become available. This allows caregivers to be more mobile – rapidly moving throughout the hospital and frequently changing roles and locations. Healthcare organizations are changing too, bringing on new sites and end users as the result of increasing acquisitions and mergers. Furthermore, security regulations and audit requirements have become more stringent and with sharp penalties to boot. Doesn’t it make sense that identities should be managed digitally as well?


    Identity Management Partners

    As a long-time partner, Forward Advantage has decades of experience reselling and implementing Identity and Access Management solutions to MEDITECH hospitals, driven by the trust MEDITECH has in the high level of service Forward Advantage offers to our mutual customers.


    It’s never too early to start planning, and MEDITECH’s new blog is full of helpful resources. These include a link to a recent whitepaper and a sample chart outlining the various stages of an IGA program. As a long-time MEDITECH partner with decades of experience in the Identity & Access Management space, Forward Advantage is available to help you every step of the way in your unique IGA journey.

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