New Report Shows Single Sign-On Has a Powerful Impact

    April 2020 | Amy Leopold, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

    Expert Insights, Identity & Access Management

    Report on large US-based health system, CHRISTUS Health, credits single sign-on (SSO) and virtual roaming with encouraging EHR use among physicians and clinicians while delivering substantial clinical value.

    A new report about the benefits of single sign-on (SSO) technology is an absolute must-read. The report, titled An Evaluation of Clinical and Financial Value of Work Station Single Sign-On in 19 Hospitals, published this summer in Perspectives in Health Information Management, provides an in-depth description of how the study was conducted, an explanation of how the technology works and an overview of the workflow and financial benefits


    Single Sign-On Provides Valuable Cost Savings 

    The study was conducted at CHRISTUS Health, an independent delivery network operating in the US, where they began implementing SSO in 2016. The authors of the report, George Gellert, MD, MPH, MPA; John F. Crouch; Lynn A. Gibson; and George S. Conklin, evaluated the impact and value of  SSO across their 19 hospitals by calculating log in times before and after implementing Imprivata OneSign. The financial results were nothing short of remarkable. Just consider this passage taken from the report:Copy of Expanse Blog post graphic (1)


    Providers and Patients Benefit from Single Sign-On

    Dr. Gellert and associates highlight that inefficiencies involving EHR access and increased security mandates to protect PHI are significant provider dissatisfiers. The need to remember multiple disparate and complex passwords impedes workflow and can impact patient relationships.  Physicians and clinicians provide care throughout the hospital during a shift and, before using SSO, were forced to repeatedly log-off and on again at various workstations and applications. Even worse, time wasted on passwords takes away from the time that could otherwise be spent interacting with patients. With SSO, physicians have rapid access to clinical applications at the point of care. 

    As stated in the report:SSO Quote 1 (1)


    How it Works

    Fast, Secure (1)

    With SSO in place, physicians and other clinical staff at CHRISTUS Health tap their badges to workstation badge readers at the start of a shift. This automatically enters the appropriate username, and the user then enters his or her network password.Thereafter, a simple badge tap logs users in and out of various workstations as long as they are within CHRISTUS Health’s 12-hour grace period. When the grace period is over, passwords must be manually re-entered to maintain a balance of security and convenience.


    Roaming Benefits

    CHRISTUS Health uses a virtual desktop infrastructure  within clients in conjunction with SSO. Integrating virtual roaming with OneSign SSO, under the expertise of Forward Advantage Inc., allows physicians and clinicians to suspend a session at one workstation and pick up exactly where they left off at another. This lends to increased ease-of-use, time savings, and more face-time with patients. In fact, the report notes the additional time savings experienced with virtual roaming and financial savings from eliminating the need for future PC replacements. The benefits of virtual roaming are so strong that CHRISTUS Health leadership considered it a must-have with their SSO implementation.

    From the report:

    SSO Quote 2



    Clinicians, especially physicians’ time is unquestionably valuable. In an era where it seems we’re always asking them to do more, SSO allows us to do something for them – and not just them, their patients too. SSO is a win-win situation anyway you look at it. It encourages EHR use, increases provider satisfaction, saves valuable time and money, and allows for more time for patient care.

    Dr. Gellert summarizes it best:

    SSO Quote 3




    Learn more about the solutions and services used by CHRISTUS Health to deploy a successful single sign-on solution: Imprivata OneSign and Virtual Desktop Optimization. Forward Advantage is an Imprivata authorized reseller and implementation partner, with experts in virtual roaming to ensure an implementation that’s tailored for your unique environment.


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