Single Sign-On Reduces Frustration and Saves Valuable Time at Norman Regional Health System

    January 2020 | Audrey Brislin, AVP of Marketing

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    A recently published Customer Insight re-examines Norman Regional Health System (NRHS), which implemented single sign-on in conjunction with a virtual desktop infrastructure back in 2006. NRHS deployed Imprivata OneSign and VMware Horizon View, both sold and implemented by Forward Advantage, to solve various challenges including:

    • A cumbersome log-on process that wasted valuable time

    • Forgotten passwords among physicians and other clinical staff

    • Security risks due to staff inconsistently logging off at workstations

    Today, the health system boasts 95% single sign-on usage across its campuses. Multiple, complex passwords are replaced with one network password for over 150 applications.

    SSO Quote - Jason Delgado


    Tap In and Tap Out


    With single sign-on, end users at NRHS tap their badge to a workstation and enter a single password to log into their systems and applications. After this, a grace period goes into effect during which passwords do not need to be reentered for a certain amount of time. This saves physicians and other users valuable time during a shift and eliminates the tedious re-entry of passwords. Additionally, a simplified log-on process using a single password encourages better security practices. End users are more likely to log off workstations when moving to a new area, and they and are less likely to write down passwords and store them in unsecured locations.


    Roaming with VMware VDI

    Combining single sign-on with VMware Horizon View adds another layer of convenience for NRHS’s clinicians. It allows a clinician to roam by disconnecting a session on one workstation and picking up exactly where they left off on another.

    For instance, a clinician can lock a workstation without having to log out of the EMR by simply tapping his or her badge. They can then re-tap their badge in a patient room and be automatically brought to the same screen they were viewing at the previous station. 


    An Unexpected Benefit

    When asked if users at NRHS experienced any additional benefits since our last case study, Delgado provided an unexpected response. He shared that VMware Horizon View played a significant role during disaster recovery after Oklahoma was hit by a massive tornado in 2013. The tornado was a rare category EF5 with winds topping 200 miles per hour. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

    The main benefits of Imprivata OneSign are still the same - time savings, faster access to applications, and reduced frustration associated with passwords. However, we did realize a major benefit when our area was hit by a severe tornado. The VMware Horizon View setup we have in place really helped us out. We were able to move the doctors’ offices onto other workstations. We set them up with a machine, and they were back to work very quickly. That was a huge timesaver.”



    Forward Advantage is grateful for the opportunity to periodically touch base with customers. It’s a learning experience for everyone, as we gain insight into opportunities for product and service improvements. We also learn of unusual use cases – like our solutions helping after a tornado! We have been fortunate enough to profile a variety of healthcare organizations on single sign-on and VDI, and the benefits are always impressive – especially the time savings. More time in a physician’s day equals more time with patients – a common goal for all.


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