October 4, 2022

Now Available! New Mobile App Platform: A collaborative solution with MEDITECH portal integration

Written by: 

Audrey Brislin

, VP of Product & Marketing

Introducing PXMobile: A Better Patient Experience

Forward Advantage is excited to announce the availability of PXMobile, our healthcare-branded mobile app platform designed in close collaboration with MEDITECH. PXMobile integrates with a hospital’s patient portal and other third-party engagement applications, so patients can securely access everything about their care from a single, convenient app with hospital branding at the center.

This scalable and customizable solution supports increasing patient demand to access health information in a consumer-driven way and is the first to offer deep integration with MEDITECH’s patient portal.

What Makes a Successful Digital Front Door?

Even if you already have a mobile app or patient portal, it’s important to explore your long-term goals and strategies that help create a successful digital front door. In a recent post, we broke down the top, value-added experiences patients seek and what healthcare organizations should consider to be successful.

A well-executed digital front door has the power to extend a hospital’s brand and enhance patient experience, while improving engagement with patients, families, and visitors. However, a large stumbling block can be the lack of integration with the different systems already in place, such as: patient portals, provider directories, wayfinding solutions, scheduling systems, parking management systems, event registration systems, gift shop ecommerce systems, and food service management systems. If all offered separately in disparate locations, it can create an inconsistent and non-streamlined experience for your patients.

First-Hand Advice from Magnolia Regional Health

What are you hoping to achieve? How will you measure your success? Do you have a buy-in strategy for key stakeholders? Take advantage of a recent interview with Brian Davis, Magnolia Regional Health’s CIO if you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, among others.

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