Optical Character Recognition Saves Time and Frustration

    November 2019 | Audrey Brislin

    Customer Success Stories, Data Preservation & Migration

    A recently published Customer Insight highlights how Kershaw Health worked with Forward Advantage to help maximize their investment in MEDITECH’s Scanning and Archiving.

    Take advantage of this Q&A-style piece to learn how Kershaw Health maximized its investment by deploying Find-It for optical character recognition (OCR) within MEDITECH’s Scanning and Archiving . Find-It has been incredibly successful at Kershaw Health. In fact, the solution is credited for saving end users hours per week. 

    They use the search features to find needed scanned documents that would take an enormous amount of time to locate in MEDITECH without OCR search capability.” – Julie McGinness, Financial Systems Analyst at Kershaw Health


    A Common Issue for MEDITECH Hospitals 


    Searching for Business Office documents and scans, and the content therein, can be a struggle. MEDITECH’s searching capabilities, based off of archive key values applied at the time of scanning, can help narrow things down. There are times, though, when that is not enough. There may not have been enough key values applied to limit the results, or keys could have been incorrectly entered. Find-It’s OCR solution for advanced searches brings the functionality a step further.

    “A user could spend days manually looking for a specific document within a scanned batch,” notes McGinness. “Find-It offers the OCR search capabilities we needed.”


    How Find-It Works 

    Find-It can be directed to any network directory containing scanned images and quickly incorporates legacy and newly added images to your search capabilities.

    Find It-BP 1


    Designed with MEDITECH

    Find-It was designed in collaboration with MEDITECH to ensure exceptional integration and ease-of-use. Key features of this popular solution include:

    •Search by OCR Text as well as a number of discrete data fields

    •Supports common image types including TIFF, PNG, and GIFNew User Interface for streamlined workflow

    •Works in conjunction with any Business Office application, such as HR, MM, or AP

    •Redaction available for private information

    •Ability to print and download scanned documents

    •Zoom and page orientation settings retained per user by session


    Kershaw Health's Use Case

    Approximately 25 users work within Find-It at Kershaw Health, and they have found it very easy to use with minimal training. Users at Kershaw Health search within batches according to batch dates and numbers. Information searched for includes payment information, insurance EOBs, and many other types of patient documentation necessary to assist with claims and refunds.


    Read the Customer Insight



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