November 17, 2022

Samaritan Medical Center Replaces Legacy System with Find-It for Scanning, Storing, and Viewing Business Office Documents

Written by: 

Amy Leopold

, Director of Product Marketing

At Forward Advantage, we know that most hospitals and healthcare systems don’t benefit from one-size-fits-all solutions. Our goal is to help streamline access to information for better patient care, and we offer a variety of solutions and services to accomplish this. This includes Find-It and SmartLaunch, which respectively provide advanced, OCR search functionality and quick access to third-party systems from the EHR. Although many customers use Find-It and SmartLaunch “out-of-the-box,” there are times when a customer’s unique needs allow us to work collaboratively and leverage the flexibility of these solutions to overcome a challenge. One such customer, Samaritan Medical Center, entrusted Forward Advantage with replacing an old document management system for business office document scanning, storage, and retrieval.

To learn more about this project and use case, read our Q&A session with Garett Hayes, systems analyst at Samaritan. As always, we want to learn what’s challenging you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Forward Advantage team with your own unique requests.

Q: What were the challenges you wanted to solve and overall goal of the project?

We are a MEDITECH customer and needed additional features like optical character recognition. We had an older document management system and needed to find a new solution for scanning, storing, and viewing business office documents. Our goal was to replicate what we had with our older document management system, which also meant capturing metadata from MEDITECH for automatic entry into MEDITECH’s AP application. I demonstrated our current workflow to the Forward Advantage team and found they could produce a comparable workflow using Find-It and SmartLaunch. Find-It now houses our converted old document management system data, our interim financial data when we were between solutions, and new data. It works very similarly to what we had and were familiar with and is very secure.

Q: Can you describe the typical workflow before implementing Find-It and SmartLaunch?

For a period after discontinuing the use of our older document management system, our workflow was to batch scan everything into a file share and store it there. There were no index values on scanned items, so staff could not always quickly find what they were looking for using just the scanned date or batch date. Now that we have Find-It, users can search by key index values or keywords inside the scanned document.

Q: Do you have any ROI examples you can share?

We only have three people in our AP department, so this is a small group responsible for invoices for our hospital, two other long-term care organizations, and a home health agency. If someone in our organization needed to find an invoice, then it was up to any of these three people to locate it in what was the electronic equivalent to large, paper-based file cabinets. Now with Find-It, this data is readily available to anyone in the organization that needs it with appropriate permissions, so it saves valuable time and is especially beneficial for auditing purposes.

Q: How was your implementation and service experience with Forward Advantage?

Forward Advantage always listened and was accommodating to any requests and unique ideas we had. I could not believe we were able to take our interim scans of batch PDFs and run them through a script to index into Find-It. There was no printing and scanning, which saved us a great deal of pain as a customer. Forward Advantage produced a creative and secure solution that everyone was happy with at the end of the day.

Q: Would you recommend Find-It to other customers and why?

I would recommend Find-It because it works and is scalable for the endless amount of things we still have paper for. In fact, we use Find-It for a small fraction of what it could be used for. I envision eventually using it for our materials management documents, so we have those in the same place as accounts payable. Find-It is very customizable and easy to work with.

Q: Has Forward Advantage’s relationship with MEDITECH been beneficial?

Hospitals do not typically have big IT shops or an understanding of all the inner workings of MEDITECH. Forward Advantage has intimate knowledge of MEDITECH and how it works, which made my life much easier. If Forward Advantage tells you they can do something, then they can do it.

The Takeaway

As a vendor focused on healthcare and a MEDITECH partner, Forward Advantage’s team has the unique skillset required to perform advanced projects for specific use cases. “It’s nice to know you can rely on Forward Advantage,” concludes Garrett. “If they say they have a solution to your problem, then you can count on them to have a true solution.”

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