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July 2019 | Amy Leopold, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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It's Official...We've Launched!

Welcome to Forward Advantage’s new blog – the Forward Focus! We’re excited for this opportunity to regularly connect with our customers, partners and healthcare leaders.  

If you’re new to Forward Advantage – Welcome! 


You're Busy. Let us Help!

With all the initiatives and competing priorities you’re juggling, we’ve been thinking about how we can provide value to you and simplify the day of healthcare IT professionals? 

At Forward Advantage, we’ve benefited from a robust and frequent industry news report managed and curated by our in-house expert and Director of Business Analytics, Mike Murphy. With decades of experience, Mike uses his skills to comb and curate the vast sea of news and developments in our industry. In addition to collecting the hot topics and news articles, Mike provides a weekly summary of all articles (with links! Yay!). 


After many requests, we are now sharing this valuable information with you! The industry news updates provide one spot to quickly review what’s going on in healthcare IT and in the broader technology space – but with a healthcare lens. 

Let us do the work for you – no more clicking around multiple emails and websites to stay up-to-date on industry trends. Check out our Industry News blog posts here. 


Easily Stay "Up-to-Date" on the Latest from Forward Advantage...

Our goal is to make the Forward Focus convenient “one-stop-shop” where you can both stay informed on hot industry topics AND find the newest information about Forward Advantage’s solutions and services. Customer success stories, upcoming events, tips from our experts and new product announcements will be available in real-time. 

You’ve also told us that you’d like to hear more frequently from our internal team on relevant industry topics – opinions, tips, insights and analysis of new technologies. You may interact with our services team, engineers, architects, executives or developers on a case-by-case basisbut their expertise is vast, and we’re excited to have a forum to more widely showcase their insights and knowledge  

Check out our blog post on how to prepare for a migration project by our director of migration services, Steve Leroux.

We will also be featuring posts authored by knowledge experts from across the healthcare industryWe really want to make sure you’re covered!   

In summaryaa Forward Focus subscriber, you can expect timely information on: 

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Let us Know how We're Doing

Forward Advantage has been in business for 26 years, but this is our first blogso we welcome any ideas you have on future blog topics or ways to make the blog better and more useful.  

Drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing! 

We hope you enjoy! 


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