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    March 2020 | Mike Knebel, VP of Sales

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    There’s no question about it, the healthcare industry is unique. Solutions are not “one-size-fits-all.”

    Implementing technology that has been successfully deployed in other industries is often more complicated, presents greater risk, and is slower to implement in healthcare.

    Why is this? Healthcare faces greater scrutiny. A patient’s protected health information (PHI) is akin to the "the keys to the kingdom”. It must be protected, and there are stringent (and costly) rules and regulations to ensure this. Layer that with budget concerns, limited resources, and a healthy dose of resistance to change – and there lies our challenge (or part of it at least).


    We're Listening...

    Identity Governance & Administration iconWe have been dealing with the Identity and Access Management (IAM) side of healthcare for 15 years now and, based on conversations with customers and other healthcare system leaders, it's clear the healthcare market requires new technologies and strategies to address the management of identities.

    Because of the demand for more solutions and services around IAM, specifically  Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Forward Advantage recently added IGA solutions from two industry leaders - SailPoint and Imprivata.

    We take our brand promise of focusing on our customer’s success very seriously. Likewise, we approach the management of our partnerships seriously as well. We are optimistic that the expansion of our offerings will create a more complete solution for our customers, regardless of their EHR.


    It All Begins with "Identity"

    IGANo matter the computing model in use, or being planned for in the future, the healthcare enterprise will continue to be responsible for governing both data and the users that access the data (which can include humans, applications, bots (scripts), systems and devices). Depending on the model, the risk profile can increase substantially, and outstrip the ability for security point solutions to represent strong prevent controls.

    A sound strategy for identity, that utilizes contemporary identity management solutions, in concert with policies, will bolster the ability of the healthcare enterprise to substantially mitigate risk while more efficiently and effectively providing access to users.


    Assess and Strategize

    Identity and Access Management, including IGA, is here to stay. It’s not a question of will you get on board but when. Timing is everything. This is a big undertaking, and there are common struggles with enterprise-wise IAM deployments.

    • Do you truly understand the time and resource requirements for deploying IAM?

    • When do you expect to show a return on investment?

    • Are you encountering internal resistance?

    These are big considerations, and we’re here to help. IAM is not an endpoint but a journey, so preparing and finding the right partner is crucial for success. Do your due diligence during the discovery phase and involve our experts with any questions you encounter along the way.

    Stay tuned for more information and details about both Imprivata Identity Governance and SailPoint. They are both incredible offerings with their own unique benefits. Deciding on a solution that fits your environment is a part of your overall IAM strategy – and isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision.


    Tell us about your IAM journey

    We want to know what our customers are concerned about and how they view Identity Governance & Administration, as well as their overall IAM strategy. We’re interested in learning about your challenges so we can offer solutions and service that help meet your goals . The survey can be anonymous if you choose and should only take 10-15 minutes to complete.

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